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Looking to add some life to your garden now that summer’s approaching? We’re all wishing for weather warm enough to spend late nights out on the patio and decking area with friends. 
As every year passes, garden lighting becomes increasingly awe-inspiring and technologically advanced. And 2022 is no exception. The best way to achieve a warm and comforting atmosphere is with clever ambient lighting. Here are some of the more popular outdoor lighting trends you’ll find in the trendiest gardens in 2022: 

Underlit walls and pathways 

Plenty of us have been adding under cabinet lighting to our kitchens for years now, and the same has become true for our paths and walkways. Setting task lighting into walls to illuminate the pathway doesn’t just look atmospheric; it’s practical too. You can also fit the lighting underneath steps or even a firepit to add even more drama and light to the flames. 

Quality lighting fixtures 

Introducing luxury lighting fixtures to entrance doors, porches and patios will always add a touch of glamour to our home. It can be a lovely architectural touch, as well as adding atmosphere. This isn’t about subtle lighting but rather shameless ‘in your face’ fixtures to impress your guests. 

Create your own moonlight 

Ever wondered how to get that majestic moonlight look with lighting? The one where the whole back garden - and the pathway leading through or up to it - is bathed in a ghostly but clear white light. The way to achieve this is to use downlighters and have them high above the ground (20 feet or more). You can sit them in a tree, on a tall fence or on the edge of your patio roof etc. It’s more technical than it sounds though. For instance, you’ll want to avoid glare by using guards and to ensure that the beam spreads across the garden, rather than just focusing straight down onto the one patch. 

Add depth to your garden 

Outdoor lighting allows you to focus on and accentuate particular areas of the garden – whether that’s dining areas, wall features, steps, a rockery, plant bed, pond or tree In doing so it adds texture and depth to an area which can appear all rather flat in the dark. 
Be warned though: @homesandgardens: “Gardens are meant to be enjoyed at night just as much as they are during the day, you just need to add the right lights. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you don't want to overwhelm the garden with too many.” It’s about quality over quantity. 

Inside pond lighting 

Who doesn’t love a water feature? Calming, pretty and a great focal point for any garden, why not let them literally shine when it’s dark too? Whether it’s a pond, stream or even a waterfall, water always looks spectacular in a garden setting – and more so when it’s lit up from within. Accent lighting is perfect for a waterfall setting with the lights looking upwards or focused on where the water splashes most. Uplighters and a great way of giving a garden pond a lovely orange glow. 
If you’re planning new lighting for your garden, then hopefully, the above suggestions provide some inspiration. Do contact a professional electrician though – especially if your lighting involves a pond or similar water feature. 
Effect Electrical are a local family run business, based in Warfield, Berkshire. A registered member of the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) and a registered NICEIC Approved contractor. 
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