Kitchen smart automation

Effect Electrical offers cutting-edge designs in smart automation. 

Throughout residential homes, offices, hotels and a wide variety of other applications, their premium supplier Loxone offers customers the chance to smarten things up. 
As an approved partner of Loxone, Effect Electrical has the expertise to install their innovative miniserver, connecting every component of a space to create a smoothly running ecosystem. From smart lighting to zoned heating, multiroom audio systems to energy management, Loxone offers effective solutions for each area of a building. 

Why should you consider home automation technology? 

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular and there are lots of reasons why you should consider upgrading. Homes powered by Loxone offer endless opportunities for intuitive control; creating a structure where lighting, heating, security, audio, and many more systems can work in harmony to create a truly intelligent home. Depending on your lifestyle and priorities, you can tailor smart home automation systems to suit your needs. 
@LetsTalkPM even considers the options and opportunities available for landlords and how they can benefit from smart home technologies in their rental properties; from charging higher rent to preventing property damage, Smart Home Technology for Landlords provides an interesting read. 

We’ve taken a closer look at three of the most popular smart home devices 

Automated lighting 

The most popular smart home devices are understandably those that deliver the most desirable benefits of home automation technology. First, lighting that is controlled by movement and the existing light level of the room will not only save money but can also be tailored to create personal lighting moods. With a system offering an increasing number of additional features, from night mode, wake-up alarms and child locks, Effect Electrical can employ Loxone’s system to provide their customers with a truly unique lighting experience in their home. 

Automated heating and cooling 

Second, smart heating and cooling provides the ability to completely climate control your home. With Loxone’s intelligent system, it’s possible to automate a heating schedule that always fits with your desired temperature. Whether you’re looking for consistency or flexibility of temperatures, climate control can be programmed to match your needs. There’s also the opportunity to automate your heating, employ energy saving and economy modes, ensure certain temperatures are reached by a particular time and be instantly informed of all that’s involved via a remote access app. Linked with Loxone’s energy management programme which can help to reduce emissions and energy bills, you will have one very smartly automated home. 

Automated multi-room audio systems 

Third, multi-room audio systems are another popular feature of Loxone’s smart home innovations. Users can play and control individually tailored music and audio to match each room and its occupants. At any one time, children could listen to an audiobook in their bedroom, classical music could be entertaining dinner guests in the kitchen and teenagers could be enjoying Radio 1 whilst completing their homework upstairs. Further personalised settings can allow everyone to be woken by their favourite song, an individual doorbell tone and the beginning of bespoke playlists whenever someone enters a room. Spatial limitations of music have been completely removed and intelligent, personalised automation can be achieved. 

Why do smart homes require an electrician’s expertise? 

Effect Electrical’s team of highly trained and experienced electricians can effectively install Loxone smart home systems. As an approved partner of Loxone, this premium product is available to all clients, allowing any projects to be intelligently automated and controlled when employing the use of their electricians.  
Offering free no obligation quotations and comprehensive insurance, Effect Electrical can provide guidance, installation and aftercare, as well as full product warranties, under their approved partnership of Loxone smart home installations 
Effect Electrical are a local family run business, based in Warfield, Berkshire. A registered member of the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) and a registered NICEIC Approved contractor. 
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